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Please note: You must be registered on the website in order to fill out the application. Apply for website access here:

Website Access

If you wish to be considered as an applicant to Vanguard Gaming, please do the following:

Copy the information below the dotted line, paste it on a new post and answer the questions.

The subject of the post should be structured as follows: '[Your Name]'s Application' (ex. Zaela's Application).

Please ensure you answer following questions to the best of your abilities.


1. What Game(s) Are Applying For?
Vanguard Gaming is present in many games including MMOs and MOBAs, let us know which games you play.

2. Who Are You?
It is preferable to have your forum name be the same as your main name in your primary game but not necessary. Still, we want to know who we are talking to! Note than in MMOs and other games with RP we promote RP-Friendly names.

3. Have You Read Our Rules and Guidelines?
Our community rules are located here:

4. Tell Us a Little About Yourself
What kind of game experiences do you have? Do you like to focus on one thing at a time? Favorite games or movies? Let us know a little something. :)

5. What Are You Looking For?
Many games have multiple facets; let us know what you're looking for in particular so we can tell you if it's likely or get you set-up with other like-minded members. High-end hardcore PVE raiding is not likely for example, but many people are often looking for arena partners.
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