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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
Game Servers and VoIP Info

VoIP Information:
Vanguard Gaming Mumble:
Port: 9530
Tarnished Coast Mumble (Monday night WvW (GW2) only):
Port: 50388
Password: forthetoast
Username: [BGV]username
Guild/Server Information
Primary Games:
World of Warcraft: Lost Legion of Valguard/Emerald Dream Server/Alliance
Current Officers:Deveates, Dreaux, Vondis, Maeltum, and Nainakra:(Wiggin).
Guild Wars 2: Bloodcoast Vanguard/Tarnished Coast Server
Current Officers: Fel, Indrii, Aceris, Klaes Vandi, Zoula Frostmane, and Chaella.
Secondary Games (no formal guild structures):
World of Warcraft: Dragonmaw Vanguard/Emerald Dream Server/Horde
Star Wars The Old Republic: Imperial Vanguard/Jung Ma Server
The Secret World: Arcadia Server
Planetside 2: Vanu on SolTech Server
Other Active Games:
League of Legends
Tribes Ascend
Borderlands 2
World War Z
Starcraft 2
Diablo 3